wedding video that means something

Done right, wedding videography can be one of the most powerful mediums for remembering your wedding day. It’s a time capsule to hold dear, and a movie screening your future kids will absolutely adore.

We make short, engaging films you’ll watch over and over again. We’ll document what matters most to you. The excitement, the personality, and all the shenanigans that come together to make your day special.

Nicole + Ricki

We have been offering our couples the option of adding videography to their photography package. From humble beginnings we have built on and improved our video style and we now have an experienced video team that work full time in the busy summer season. When choosing us for video you get a dedicated and experienced videographer who has worked with us at many weddings. We can almost read each others’ minds at this point. For you it means no extra fuss before, during or after the day. Just amazing coverage of your wedding with lots of options to choose from too

On your wedding day, my role will always be wedding photographer. I then enlist the talents of experienced video operators who know my style, use my equipment and follow my direction. Because we’ve worked together for so long, the videographer seamlessly works in with the photography. Finally, I edit the videos in house and present them to you. This means you only need to deal with me through the whole process – nice and simple.


Annie + Don