About Me

Hello! My name’s Alen and I am a wedding photographer and videographer based in Melbourne. I am inspired by real people who are in love and their amazing stories. My style is natural and fresh with compelling mix of relaxed candid shots and art.
I love to uncover stunning locations, find breathtaking light and encourage couples to get closer to each other for shots that are romantic, sweet, happy and silly- to reflect who they truly are.
Although I am based in Melbourne, I love to travel and experience new locations. I am more than happy to travel Victoria wide.

The lady next to me in the image is my lovely wife for life Emily. We got married four years ago. When we got married we decided we didn’t want any strangers at our wedding…. And that’s one thing I offer to all my clients these days…. By the time the wedding comes around, I won’t be a stranger.

While age is just a number, I am 33. I think I look a lot younger if Ive completely shaved so I try to have a slight beard, but the greys are coming through more and more each day. I live a simple life, I love chocolate and coffee a bit too much, photography is like therapy for me and I get way too excited about light. I love photographing weddings and capturing peoples special days, each wedding is always different and that always excites me.

More About Me

  • – Emily and I have two little boys called Tarik and Ali
  • I love listening to podcasts, especially in the car. Makes driving interesting and something I always look forward to
  • Love sports, especially soccer. Huge Melbourne Victory and Arsenal fan